This Season’s Must Have Fashion Accessory.


WOW These Leather Bags With Interchangeable Straps Have Taken The Fashion World By Storm


First, Choose your bag, then choose an extra strap to either match the bag or an outfit.  The straps completely transform the look of your bag and there are so many combinations to choose from.  The bags are so versatile you can dress them up or dress them down. They can look contemporary, smart, funky, just tailor it to what you want.


These simple crossbody leather bags are functional and beautifully stylish.  Each bag comes with a removable matching leather strap. It is therefore very easy to interchange them with The funky fun bag straps. 


The beauty of the bag straps is they are so affordable and will make a great stocking filler, present for your girlfriends, wife, teacher, mum, gran, the list is endless. 


Stay on trend by buying this popular fashion item



If you are feeling really generous buy a matching bag too.  What a fantastic present to receive. Or you can simply treat yourself. Take a look at the styles here in bags and purses.



Leather bag with bag strapRainbow Bag Strapsmall leather crossbody handbag OrangeGrey Camouflage Bag StrapLeather Bag Gray with Leopard StrapShades Of Blue Bag StrapLeather purple bag with xtra strap