Necklace Katia Tagua Pink and Green

Necklace Made With Ethically Sourced Materials

The colorful and unique designs of this eco-jewellery come from the Tagua seed or vegetable ivory. It falls to the forest floor from the large fruited plam tree native to Brazil and the tropical rain forests of South America.

Once harvested the seeds are left to dry for about three months. Only then is the vegetable ivory hard enough to carve into these beautiful necklaces for you.

This stunning necklace is made from flattened and whole tagua nuts . The bigger cuts are bold and colourful and the smaller cuts around the neck help to keep the necklace light weight

It is a very dramatic piece of jewellery. It is natural and one of a kind.

100 percent organic

Ethically made in Equador,

Length is approximately 55cm or 20 inches

Handmade loop and clasp


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Out of stock