Millie Gloves – Green

Keep warm with Millie Gloves – Green!

The attractive knitted design of these extremely soft, green gloves makes them an ideal statement piece for the colder months. Elevate your winter wardrobe and keep warm with Millie Gloves – Green!

Conveniently equipped with touch-screen fabric on the forefinger and thumb, you won’t have to brave the cold to use your phone- perfect for chilly days out. The light teal, textured cuffs contrast with the deep teal gloves, making for an interesting look that will match any outfit this winter!

Perfect as a birthday gift or a stocking filler, these stretchy gloves have been designed to fit all! Also available in other colours.

Materials: 12% Acrylic, 26% Nylon, 62% Polyester.


1 in stock

1 in stock