We Have Upgraded Our Website !

Hope you think it looks as good as us !

Our new website is here !  At Number 36 we have been working hard to improve our website for you .  It has a new layout and is much faster to use .  I spent lockdown learning how to build and update my own site . It was not as difficult as i thought once i got over my nerves .( Apparently you cannot break the world wide web)  I think you will agree that it is looking great .  There are still some learning curves to overcome, but i am getting there and i can honestly say i have been enjoying it . I have gone from being computer illiterate to computer savvy .  I am very proud of myself at the moment as i have always avoided anything technical . Hey even a golden oldie like me can still learn and come into the 21st century .  They will have me playing video games next !  Actually i guess that is a bit old fashioned too . X box games ??  Not sure what the modern term is for all of that . Ask the grand kids !!