Number 36 Is Proud To Be A Stockist Of Jellycat.


New Jellycat is on its way. Jellycat goes from strength to strength. How do they continually come up with all these new ideas? We have nothing but admiration for their design team. Everything they produce is so original.  Each season they come up with more and more fun, amusable, cute, and innovative designs. It is such a joy to receive the new catalogue each season and order all the new Jellycat toys. There is so much variety.


This is why Jellycat is so collectible.


We cannot wait for the new Jellycat to arrive. There are new Jellycat jungle, jellycat farmyard, jellycat sea creatures and so much more.


Here is a little sample at the top of the page of what is coming. 


We Love Jellycat. Who would not want to snuggle up to these irresistibly soft toys?

Whether you love bunnies or elephants, dogs or cats, you name the animal and Jellycat will have one. There is a perfect gift here for all of you. Go on treat yourself or someone you love to a cute Jellycat.