Jellycat New Arrivals By The Seaside


Larry, Hermon, And Bashful Seal


What can we say? Just look at these gorgeous creatures. They are all so cute and joyful.  Who wouldn’t want to go to the seaside and play with these lovely Jellycat toys?


Jellycat toys are so cuddly and all have a personality of their own. This is why we love Jellycat so much. They have a toy for every occasion. If you are searching for a gift or birthday present. A Christening present or a newborn baby gift. Look no further than Jellycat.


You are never too old o have a Jellycat toy. They come in all shapes and sizes for all age groups from children to adults.


Jellycat Herman Hermit Cyddly Toy

Jellycat Herman Hermit is a playful ginger crab and is only a nipper, but he’s always off on adventures! Go to the seaside and make sandcastles with him.


Jellycat Bashful Seal is a good playmate


Jellycat Bashful seal

Jellycat Bashful Seal this gentle seal loves swimming and frost-bathing. One flip of those squidgy, stitch flippers and splash – away into the ocean!  Try swimming with him it looks so much fun!



Larry Lobster Everyone’s Favourite

Jellycat Larry Lobster

The one and only loveable Larry Lobster!  He is a dance sensation in the undersea ballroom. Bright brick red with bobbly eyes, this chipper chap has perky feelers and a funky cordy tail. Let him spin you round the floor!  Go on take a twirl with him.