Alice Axoloti Is Our Gift Of The Week


Alice has out sold all the other Jellycats this week .


Alice Is Very Smug


There are so many Jellycat toys to choose from and Jellycat have done it again with their amazing design team . They have come up with this original toy ALEXI AXOLOTI


Jellycat Alice Axolotl is hot pink and as cool as a cucumber . She is a strange looking thing .   Did you know that Axolotls can regenerate body organs and lost limbs..? How clever is that ? No biggie for Alice though .  She’s also known as a Mexican walking fish.   Alice has super fluffy gills and beans in her bottom so that she can sit, pose and play. She is Beautifully soft, Gorgeously pink and full of character.


Irresistibly cuddly, hilariously humorous, and a perfect gift for all ages. This is the lovely thing ab out Jellycat .  They appeal to anyone . So if you are ever stuck for a gift look no further than our Jellycat range . Jellycats are always looking for their forever homes .



Loveably luminous, Alice Axolotl is just waiting for you to take her home .

Stock is Limited So Be Quick