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Chilly Bottles are Reusable and environmentally friendly. They come in so many designs it is hard to choose a favourite.

These lovely colourful, stylish bottles are metal and use thermal technology to make your drink stay cooler for longer. 24 hours cold to be exact. They are also designed to keep drinks hot for 12 hours.  We all know how annoying it is when you open your flask and your coffee is lukewarm.

You can even put sparkling drinks in and they will keep their Fizz. They are also designed to keep your drinks hot for 12 hours.  We have tried and tested them and they work.

These Chilly’s Bottles are designed to be sustainable and therefore environmentally friendly . Refill and reuse is a must .  We do not want plastic bottles in our waste and land fill . So help the environment by using a colourful Chilly’s Bottle .

Chilly’s Bottles can be used for work , on long walks, on picnics at the gym car journeys. Any time you need to keep your drink hot or cold for a long period of time .

They are very trendy at the moment . Just look at all the designs you can get . They make the perfect gift for one and all . Once you have used one you will never go back to plastic .

We have been selling Chilly’s Bottles for over 3 years and have sold plenty .  We have never had a return . I think that says a lot about the quality of these bottles .

There are lots of accessories to be had .  You can buy a matching top or carrier .  It is a fashion statement ……mmmmmmm

Take a look at our vast range . Chilly’s Bottles you will not be disappointed at the huge selection available .