Bright And Beautiful Colourful Shoulder Bags


How do you choose a bag?


These days there is so much discussion around bags . What colour ?, what style ?, what material ?.  Do you need a bag for every outfit . Do you need a bag to be stylish or practical ? Do you need a large bag ? a small bag ? What do you want it for , daytime , evening time ? So many decisions to be made when choosing a bag .


Bags and purses !

Us ladies are obsessed with our handbags!!! We all use them, Some of us carry everything but the kitchen sink and some of us travel a little lighter. A different colour for each outfit, a different size for each occasion.

Handbags to rucksacks, totes to cross body bags,  holdalls to backpacks, satchels to evening bags, we literally can’t get enough. Whether you want a good sturdy leather bag that will last you years or a cute fashion bag to match an outfit the choice is endless.

A new bag is the easiest way of keeping up with the latest fashion trend. It’s a well earned treat for yourself or a fantastic Birthday present for a loved one…who wouldn’t feel spoiled receiving a bag as a gift.

This week we have had in these lovely colourful shoulder bags at 15 pounds.


Long strappy shoulder Bag. Lime

Bright And Beautiful Shoulder Bags 


This shoulder bag comes in a wide range of colours. The long straps make it very comfortable to use. It is one of our best selling bags as it is a very practical size and comfortable to wear. On the inside, there is a zipped compartment with two additional pockets for your phone and keys and on the back, there is another zipped compartment where you can keep the things you want to access quickly.


If you want a bag that will suit every occasion.  Look no further.  Lots of colours to choose from. It is one of our favourites.