Amazing Jellycat Cuddly Toys

Jellycat Toys Are So Collectable

Everyone Needs A Jellycat

Jellycat soft toy beeJellycat soft toy Koala.Jellycat Amuseable RainbowJellycat Collectable Beautrice Butterfly

Amazing Jellycat cuddly toys appeal to everyone from a newborn to your granny.  There is a favourite character for everyone.

Encourage your child’s imagination to run wild with a cuddly toy or two from Jellycat.  You can collect Bashful Bunnies , Foxes,  Elephants, Tigers, Lions and other friends from the jungle , Riverside creature, Dragons , Fairies , Children’s soothers and so much more . 

Jellycat toys are a delight to explore .

There is a Jellycat personality for everyone .  Which is your favourite ? Which is the best Amazing Jellycat Cuddly Toy ?

Amazing Jellycat toys stand out from the crowd.

They are synonymous with quirky but quality products. It is so much fun watching children make a bee line to the Jellycat toys . They are full of excitement and fascination to see the huge selection available . 

Jellycat captures the heart of everyone whether you are young or old. So soft to cuddle .

Every year Jellycat launch new designs in their popular toys and discontinue others .  This is what makes them so collectable .  It is important to grab your favourites before they are retired . As Jellycat frequently retire some cuddlies . That is why they are so collectable.

Here are some of our favourites at the moment .


They seem to disappear as soon as we put them on the shelf


Jellycat Larry LobsterCyril Sloth by JellycatJellcat soft toy bashful bunny cinnamon bunny


There is a brand new selection of Jellycat toys on the horizon .