Scented Candle. Jasmine Divine Temple

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This stunning Jasmine scented candle comes in a beautifully decorated glass pot with lid. With Amber’s dynamic burst of grassiness and greenery matches the energy of morning, subtly maturing into rich spice as the day continues. Closing notes of warm, earthy wood and balmy ambergris bring a more subdued, reflective tone to the fragrance as evening draws in.It brings peace and serenity to your room while collecting energy with exotic spice. Illuminate your room and elevate your senses with the divine aroma of a scented candle. Leave the world outside, relax and destress at the end of a long day. The soft flicker of a scented candle will add a relaxing atmosphere to any room. With their own jar, no need rummaging round for something to burn them on. Add a special ambience to your room. Will make the perfect gift for a Birthday, Anniversary or Christmas.

H 10cm x W 9cm


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