Roka Sustainable Recycled Cross Body Bag. Avocado

This Bag is made from 12-15 plastic bottles.

Our goal is to reduce ocean waste and help the world breathe a little easier. By using recycled plastic bottles and less energy than traditional methods, this bag not only holds everything you need,  but also makes a big difference in the world!

Less plastic. Less energy. Roka Sustainable.

This Roka sustainable recycled Paddington crossbody bag is made from recycled bottles helping to reduce pollution. By using recycled plastic bottles Roka are helping to reduce the waste on the planet it also takes less energy than more traditional methods. So reduce, reuse, recycle and be Roka ready.

This is a weather resistant durable light weight bag is made from a thicker canvas like material. It has 3 different pockets and section organisers.

This bag is made from recycled plastic bottles, helping to reduce pollution. Roka wanted to take bags and make them even better – for you and the world! That’s why they have worked hard to develop new methods of production that use less energy and use recycled plastic bottles giving you the smooth look and finish of all our non-recycled bags. This little bag is helping to make a big difference!

Less plastic. Less energy. Roka Sustainable.

The Sustainable Paddington B Crossbody is the perfect bag to take on any day! With three different pockets and sectional organisers, you’ll be ready for anything life throws at you. With weather resistant materials, chunky zips, and vegan pulls, this bag is your new best friend.

This size is the perfect accessory to store all your daily necessities – cell phone, wallet, keys, and more! The Small Paddington B Cross Body keeps you organized and stylish!


  • Outer material: weather-resistant matte poly/canvas (triple coated)
  • Base material: weather resistant canvas (triple coated)
  • Lining material: matte nylon
  • Hardware: galvanised, smoked, branded metal.
  • Straps: cotton webbing
  • The small bag is  23cm x 23cm x 7cm.

All Roka products are vegan. Inside each Roka Paddington bag is a small personal pocket, sectional organizers, and padding to add comfort when carried.

Take care
While Roka bags are washable, usually a simple wet sponge does the job. The materials used are designed to be durable and weather resistant. And the straps will become softer and more comfortable with each use.


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