Roka Kennington B Crossbody Bag. Teal

This Roka bag is made from 12- 15 recycled bottles.


By using recycled plastic bottles Roka are helping to reduce the waste on the planet it also takes less energy than more traditional methods. So reduce, reuse, recycle, and be Roka ready.

With a zipped pocket on the front, a pocket on the back, and additional pockets on the inside, you have the perfect bag to organise all of your belongings. Whether out shopping, having lunch with friends or walking the dog, this is the perfect size bag for all your essentials.

Our goal is to reduce ocean waste and help the world breathe a little easier. By using recycled plastic bottles and less energy than traditional methods, this bag not only holds everything you need but also makes a big difference in the world!

What’s what?
Size: 30cm x 2.5cm x 30cm
Length of strap: 130cm
Outer material: Weather-resistant recycled nylon (triple-coated)
Base material: Weather-resistant canvas (triple coated)
Lining material: Recycled nylon
Hardware: Galvanised, smoked, branded metal
Zips: Sturdy durable chunky zips allow easy glide
Vegan Friendly: Our products use no animal products

Take care
While Roka bags are washable, usually a simple wet sponge does the job. The bags are designed to be durable and weather resistant.


1 in stock

1 in stock