Jellycat Brooke Otter

Meet Brooke Otter from Jellycat, the fluffiest little otter around!

He’s looking for a new best friend to snuggle up with. This adorable little character is covered in a soft brown fuzzy fur, with soft brown arms, sticky-up feet, and a fluffy brown tail. His face features beady black eyes and two adorable tiny round ears. He loves frolicking in the water all day long and playing with his other otter friends. He’d love for you to take him on lots of adventures and see what mischief you can get up to.

With beans in his bottom he sits upright waiting for you to get home and play! This cuddly companion is sure to become a beloved playtime pal and would make a brilliant gift for birthdays and Christmas. Or just as a treat for yourself, because how can you resist that face?


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Out of stock