Frida Kahlo Vases . Set Of Three

Stunning set of Frida Kahlo vases.

Continuing on from the fame of Frida Kahlo and her vibrant artwork. We have found this amazing collection of Frida pottery.

This wonderful small vase set is perfect for those who are inspired by the rich culture and art of Mexico. Shaped as our Frida character in a bold red, gorgeous green, and vibrant blue with a scattering of flowers. They are so pretty How can you resist?

This charming colourful small vase set, features our vibrant Frida with blushing cheeks, fluttery lashes and a garland of pretty flowers in her black hair.
Please note that this product is hand-painted, and variations of appearance may occur between each one.

Green, Red, Blue
W 6.00 x L 6.00 x H 8.00 cm


2 in stock

2 in stock