Lily- Flame Grapefruit Scented Candle Tin


Lily Flame tin candle grapefruit fragrance. Have a look; the super sunny label reflects its joyous fresh, Spring-Summer Scent. And remember folks; a weed is just a flower from the other side of the garden! Add an invigorating fragrance to your room with this delightfully scented candle that will provoke all your senses.  You will be taken back to a time of running through fields as a child. This tinned candle can also be taken anywhere, open up and use at a moment’s notice. A fantastic gift for a Birthday, Anniversary or Christmas. Scented candle have been proven to soothe us, their light makes them a perfect aid for any relaxation routine. The flame of a candle helps to soothe our soul; reducing stress and increasing self-awareness. … While all candles offer a sense of calm, a scented candle that complements your mood can make a world of difference

Burn Time 35 hours.

Dimensions 7.7 x 6.6 cm


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Out of stock